FIXER is a company where people who enjoy a challenge can realize their dreams.
You won't find a stronger believer in technology, and in trying new things.

Deploy your future with FIXER

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  • Flexible work days with core time from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Three-day "refresh holiday" to allow employees to take multiple holidays in a row
  • Maternity leave, childcare leave, and short-working time during nursing care


  • Employees living within 2 km are eligible for a housing allowance of 50,000 yen, or up to 30% of their rent (depending on the situation)
  • Education support up to 30,000 yen for employees with preschool-age children (depending on the situation)


  • We provide health checkups and women's cancer screening once a year
  • We provide a flu vaccine once a year

Learning & Development

  • We reward employees who obtain certifications and qualifications
  • We cover the costs for paid seminars
  • We encourage our employees to participate in workshops and study meet-ups

Behind the Scenes