A Better Way to Manage Your Cloud


Simplify provisioning of cloud resources via automation tools and analytical alerts COMING SOON


Get a 360-degree view of cloud resource usage with proper diagnosis and detailed reporting


Simple and detailed UI to see your cloud resources budget spending


Scale with the number of resources, whilst maintaining performance levels and keeping costs down COMING SOON

All-in-one Solution for Your Business

Our smart solution is a simple way to track all of your Azure subscriptions, usage and spending. Providing you with
granular metrics from your entire stack, cloud.config Portal guarantees time and cost optimization and shortens the
time to market, while protecting and maintaining your business running.


Cost Control and Reduction Seamless Invoice and Reporting Simple UI/UX


Monitor Resources State Immediate Alert Notifications High-level Resource Management


Multi-cloud Provisioning/Deployment
Multi-cloud Auto-Scaling Support
CI/CD Integration Support

The first centralized Cloud Management
Platform for End-users, CSPs, MSPs and EAs

More Features

Upcoming features that will make
the cloud.config portal more exciting

END-CUSTOMER Smart Notification System

END-CUSTOMER Resource Auto-Scaling

END-CUSTOMER Cost Forecasting

CSP Customer Onboarding & Management

CSP Reseller Integrations

CSP Customer Cost Forecasting