[PRESS RELEASE] cloud.config Portal for CSPs is officially released

Mar 15, 2019

Intuitive Solution for Empowering CSPs to Visualize & Track the Business Value of Azure.

FIXER Inc. ("FIXER"), the leading managed services provider and cloud solution provider headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, announced today the release of cloud.config Portal for CSPs, a platform for the versatile management of cost, budgeting, invoicing and other vital business processes tied to Microsoft Azure.

The cloud.config Portal is a cloud cost management & billing solution built from the ground up by FIXER to streamline the increasing complexity of scaling & managing a successful CSP business. Managing all of the financial and technical data coming from a CSP cloud environment can be overwhelming. Every detail of the cloud.config Portal's UX has been crafted with a user's mindset. Flexibility and customizability have been built into the UI, allowing users to easily invoice customers and create dashboards fit to their individual data visualization needs.

Users can visualize key metrics that drive business value and making these available as customizable dashboards to stakeholders across the organization. A product focus on usability makes customer invoicing and cost management easy. Other CSPs can now benefit from the same business-accelerating functionality.

With a background in managed services and solution architecture, FIXER has created the cloud.config Portal with the flexibility to be deployed for various use cases, within teams and across organizations. Designed with a wide range of users in mind, the cloud.config Portal is both intuitive & powerful.

"We are excited to come out of beta and release the cloud.config Portal to the general CSP audience", comments Dr. Mohamed Osamnia, General Manager of Technology and Innovation at FIXER. "This product automates the work of everyday CSP managers and gives critical insights into drivers of business success."

Contact Detail:

Fabrizio Calogero
Global Branding Lead at FIXER Inc.

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