FIXER at Inspire 2018

Jul 24, 2018

The Event Where the World Meets to Transform Business

From July 15th to 19th 2018, we attended the annual Microsoft Partner Conference, Microsoft Inspire, which this year took place in Las Vegas, USA. Microsoft Inspire is the biggest partner event of the year and brings together over 15,000 attendees from around the globe for a week of networking and learning. We had great time there with fellow Microsoft partners, all of which who had the goal of increasing partner profitability and accelerating business growth. We introduced our solutions at 3 large-scale Inspire sessions, as well as at our booth which was a big success.

FIXER at Inspire 2018

We had more than 100 people from 33 different countries visiting our booth consistently throughout the day. The main attraction was our FIXER's cloud.config Portal which is our self-service cloud management tool that allows anyone to easily track all their Azure subscriptions, usage, spending, and resource health.

We built the solution from the ground up, utilizing a modern UI/UX and adding many useful features. cloud.config Portal will provide end-users, CSPs, EAs, and MSPs with granular metrics from their entire stack, it also guarantees time and cost optimization and shortens the time to market, while protecting and maintaining their business running.

FIXER's Participation at Microsoft Inspire

Session 1: Accelerate growth and profitability by transforming your Services business

FIXER at Inspire 2018

Date: Monday, July 16th 12:00pm-12:45pm
Speakers: Koichi Nakao, General Manager at FIXER Inc.

This was a keynote held by Mark Rice, General Manager and Managed Services Partners at Microsoft, where he conducted a panel discussion in which Koichi Nakao, General Manager at FIXER Inc., was one of the three special guests for the Q&A session. The main question to debate during the session was: how do you develop the right Services capabilities to transform and accelerate growth & profitability to better serve customers?

Essentially, the three speakers were required to clarify how to identify the critical behaviors and capabilities needed to become a modern cloud managed services provider. While each speaker provided the audience with his vision and best practices, Nakao shared FIXER's expertise in creating customer-driven managed service practices as the foundation for delivering Azure cloud services at a large-scale.

Nakao explained FIXER's services maturity model, discussed about transformation framework spanning capabilities, business model, and sales/marketing, as well as how to combine these aspects for driving growth and transformation.

Session 2: Creating Customer-Driven Managed Services Practices

FIXER at Inspire 2018

Date: Monday, July 16th 3:00pm-3:45pm
Speakers: Dr. Mohamed Osamnia and Koichi Nakao, General Managers at FIXER Inc. and Alexis Castanares, Partner Development Director at Microsoft

The first session was targeted for partners in the SI, ISV or CD specializations with the target outcome to provide them with core capabilities to deliver profitable Managed Services. Alexis Castanares, Partner Development Director at Microsoft, kicked off by introducing the components of a successful MSP model. He also introduced how to create modern practices based on development and the skills required, along with what are the main KPIs, tools and resources for job efficiency and innovation.

After Alexis' introduction, Mohamed Osamnia, General Manager at FIXER Inc., took the floor and discussed how FIXER has been successful in implementing a customer-driven design model. Being born as a customer-centric company, he explained how FIXER transcended the traditional system integrator mantra of forcibly implementing a system out of client instructions.

He presented our vision and innovative system, focused on accompanying the customer through their entire journey rather than just simply following their requirements. He concluded by introducing our flagship solution cloud.config, as the key service which realized our exponential growth in these years.

View the presentation online / Download the deck (PDF)

Session 3: Bootstrap Your Azure Msp Practice with a World Class Partner Solution

FIXER at Inspire 2018

Date: Tuesday, July 17th 3:00pm-3:20pm
Speakers: Dr. Mohamed Osamnia and Koichi Nakao, General Managers at FIXER Inc.

This session was a follow up to the breakout session on Creating customer-driven managed services practices by Microsoft's Alexis Castanares and FIXER. In this session, Mohamed Osamnia and Koichi Nakao were the main speakers, covering our cloud.config solution more in depth and introducing the new version of the portal.

Nakao started by going more into detail about how we developed cloud.config, and went into more detail around its offering as a full managed service with architecture planning, implementation, operation, 24/365 monitoring and maintenance.

Mohamed followed by introducing the new cloud.config Portal, a solution that can help to accelerate enterprises' Azure Managed Service by providing customer cost control and reduction, invoice and advanced reporting, resource monitoring, provisioning and scaling. He concluded by demonstrating the potential of our new portal to radically change how CSPs, EAs, MSPs and end-users manage their cloud.

View the presentation online / Download the deck (PDF)

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