Inside FIXER #3 - Working in a Dynamic and Fast-Growing Global Team

Jul 12, 2018

Interview with our Talent Acquisition Leader, Joe Easley

When you think about how to get your brand well known in a local marketplace, there are certain necessary steps you should take. When you shift your target toward a global scale, the spectrum of possibilities become wider and the challenges greater, but the opportunities for growth also increase. Here at FIXER, we love challenges and after establishing a strong presence in Japan, we are now aiming to target a strategic space in the global market. The backbone of our global strategy is having a talented and international environment. Because sharing our global culture and values is as important as our products and services, we decided to start an employee interview series to let everyone have a look and understand what it is like working at FIXER.

The third person we interviewed (if you missed the first and second interviews, please take a look here and here) is Joe Easley, our recruiting expert and main bridge between global and Japanese employees. He is currently involved in the creation and development of a new Talent Acquisition System from scratch, to best adapt to the increasing number of foreigners who recently joined the company. Joe is always there to answer any questions that anyone may have and has a solution to every challenge.

Fabrizio: Thank you for making time to meet with me today. Can we start with a quick introduction about yourself? I know that you are half-Japanese/British, so please let me know how you decided on living in Japan instead of another country.

Joe: Thank you Fabrizio for the opportunity. My name is Joe and I am the Talent Acquisition Leader here at FIXER. I was born in the UK but have been raised in Japan and lived here for almost all of my life. I graduated after studying law at Nanzan University in Nagoya, and thanks to my heritage I am fully bilingual in both English and Japanese. After freelancing in multiple industries as a translator/interpreter and PMO, I moved into one of the biggest recruiting agencies in Japan and specialized in accounting, finance and HR positions for multinational companies. Regarding why I am living in Japan, that wasn't a personal choice, my mother is Japanese and met my British father, while in the UK. After giving birth in the UK my father's job brought all of us to Japan.

Fabrizio: I know that it is quite common to shift from agency to in-house recruiting. But why did you decide to work in HR for FIXER?

Joe: As you said it is not a rare move, also I always wanted to work in HR. Particularly, I had a strong interest in Talent Acquisition and organization development. During my time as a freelancer I had a chance to see at a high-level which industry could quickly grow in the next decade. I assumed it would be IT, specifically a venture company with strong leadership in the market and openness for hiring global talents. Moreover, I was drawn to a fast-paced environment with its own infrastructure that can lead any business area within the firm. I heard about FIXER as the lead Microsoft Azure solution provider in Japan and after reviewing its website and social media platforms, I thought that it was a perfect match and exactly what I was looking for in my next company.

Fabrizio: As you mentioned, if we think about the growing potential in the IT industry, cloud, AI and IoT technologies, are heavily impacting the current market. They will completely revolutionize the way we do business in the following years. Now, could you tell us more about your current role, responsibilities and achievements so far?

Joe: I am working with the Talent Acquisition team in the HR Division and currently managing 2 extremely talented members. Since I joined, I have been focusing on hiring for several needed roles at FIXER, such as: Project Manager, Creative Director, UI/UX engineer, Product Manager, Full stack engineer, Strategist, Bridge engineer, Infrastructure engineer, etc. I have hired more than 50 people in around 18 months and keep fulfilling critical positions which require both senior/experienced and young/talented professionals. Right now, I am strategizing and building the foundation of the new hiring plan for mid-career positions and implementing a new HR system from scratch.

Fabrizio: I remember that when I joined FIXER I was the only foreigner in the company and now, after just 1 year, there are around 20 global talents. How this has impacted FIXER's business and its overall structure?

Joe: Yes, that's correct. As the company is growing drastically, we decided to take advantage of different business opportunities. Some of those opportunities were companies from outside Japan, interested in entering the Japanese market, or companies who just wanted to create strong partnerships with FIXER to enhance their products and services. Because of the high demand, I managed to hire strong global talents and eventually create one of the most successful divisions in FIXER. This division is now called GBA (Global Business Acceleration Team) which is specializing in the global business. I was also part of the HR planning division and involved in restructuring the company grading and evaluation system for allowing everyone to achieve their long-term goals.

Fabrizio: After establishing itself as a leader in the Japanese cloud market, how is FIXER planning to expand globally? Essentially, what is its next move?

Joe: FIXER is well-known in the local market for its customer-centric philosophy: we see our customers as co-producers of service and an essential part of our value. We have a deep understanding of their needs and provide them with customized support for fixing their challenges. We are now actively looking toward the next big challenge for better supporting our current customers and conquering the global market. Our first step is opening 2 new offices, one in the US and one in India within this year. I can't share any further details now, but I already know that you will provide our community with a brand-new article once the official dates are public.

Fabrizio: As you said, this is what I will definitely write about in my next article. Thank you for your time today and sharing your insights with me!

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