Microsoft Inspire 2018

Jul 12, 2018

From July 15 to 19, 2018, we will be exhibiting at Microsoft's largest partner event, "Microsoft Inspire," which will be held in Las Vegas, USA. During the exhibition, we will have a booth where we will be introducing our solutions including Cloud.config portal.

On July 16, FIXER's GBA Division Product Owner/General Manager, Mohamed Osamnia will be a guest speaker, presenting cloud.config portal at the session held by Alexis Castanares, Partner Development Director at Microsoft.

On July 17, Nakao Koichi and Mohamed Osamnia will be on stage to discuss about our solutions cloud.config and cloud.config portal.

■ About cloud.config

Cloud.config Portal is a service that allows anyone to easily track all of your Azure subscriptions, usage and spending. We rebuilt the solution from ground up, improving the UI/UX and adding new features. cloud.config Portal will provide end-users, CSPs, EAs, and MSPs with granular metrics from your entire stack, cloud.config Portal guarantees time and cost optimization and shortens the time to market, while protecting and maintaining your business running.

Microsoft Inspire 2018


Date: July 15-19, 3018
Venu: Mandalay Bay Convention Center T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas

■ Session: Creating customer-driven managed services practices.


Date: Monday, July 16th 3:00pm-3:45pm
Venue: Islander Ballroom B
Speakers: Alexis Castanares, Microsoft Partner Development Director, MSP Featuring FIXER

Overview: Managed Services for the Cloud will be a $130B opportunity in 2021, but you must act fast. You will learn to build a practice around app development, monitoring and automation. We will share the components of successful practices and the skills required. FIXER will be speaking about how we became a leading MSP in our region.

■ Session: Boot strap your Azure MSP practice with a world class partner solution.


Date:Tuesday, July 17th 3:00pm-3:20pm
Venue: The Commons Theater(Theater 6)
Speakers:Dr. Mohamed Osamnia, FIXER General Manager / Koichi Nakao, FIXER General Manager

Overview: Learn how to boot strap your Azure MSP Practice with cloud. config, FIXER's flagship solution. This session is a follow up to the breakout session above on Building a Managed Services Practice. We will go more into detail about how we developed cloud.config and how our new portal will radically change how you manage your cloud.

■ Point of contact for inquiries regarding this press release

Public Relations Team, FIXER Inc.
TEL: 03-3455-7755 FAX: 03-3455-7500
E-mail: prd@fixer.co.jp

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