The Kiyo Bank and FIXER, in Cooperation with Microsoft Japan, Begin a Cloud Migration Project to the Microsoft Azure Platform

Apr 12, 2018

The Kiyo Bank, Ltd. (HQ: Wakayama City, Wakayama; President: Yasuyuki Matsuoka; hereinafter "Kiyo Bank") and FIXER Inc. (HQ: Minato, Tokyo; President and CEO: Seiichi Matsuoka; hereinafter "FIXER"), have begun the Lift & Shift project in cooperation with Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd. (HQ: Minato, Tokyo; President and CEO: Takuya Hirano; hereinafter "Microsoft Japan"). The goal of this project is to sequentially migrate Kiyo Bank's existing on-premises environment to the public cloud platform Microsoft Azure (hereinafter "Azure").

Background of the Lift & Shift project

Kiyo Bank is the main bank serving corporations in Wakayama Prefecture, with a market share of over 60% within Wakayama*1. Recently, the number of corporations who use cloud computing for their core systems and various services is increasing. In the financial industry, as well, cloud computing has become an extremely important strategy. Japanese governmental organizations have also been updating their guidelines regarding cloud usage.

Japan's Financial Services Agency, for example, released the ninth edition of the Center for Financial Industry Information Systems' standards for security measures in March 2018. From the perspective of future strategic expansion of business and from the perspective of security enhancements, regional banks are also facing the demand for fast and secure transitions to cloud environments.

Goals and Results of the Project

This project aims to remove IT assets from the balance sheet through the sequential migration of existing on-premises assets to the cloud. The objective is to migrate (Lift) the bank's IT assets from the current 20th-century-style IT management system, in which financial institutions purchase equipment such as servers and network devices and manage these assets themselves, to a model in which they use resources, which are provided as cloud services, as necessary. In addition, because this cloud environment will now allow the bank to make intuitive use of a combination of software products necessary for its banking operations, this project is also expected to increase the appeal of new FinTech services, and to enable the progression (Shift) to next-generation banking services.

Though this "Lift & Shift" process, the bank will also be able to accumulate knowledge related to development and operations that rely on cloud computing, and will be able to continue their transformation to a state of cloud-readiness. This project is expected to be completed in 2019, and the shift to cloud computing is expected to improve the efficiency of the bank's business by eliminating their dependence on hardware life cycles and allowing them to focus only on expanding software functionality to meet demand. The bank will also be able to make proactive use of Azure's wealth of features, such as PaaS and development tools, and will thus be able to reduce their IT costs and enhance their level of security.

*1 Source: "Survey of Major Banks Serving Corporations in Wakayama Prefecture", published by TEIKOKU DATABANK, Ltd. (January 2017)

*2 cloud.config is a full managed service consisting of Microsoft Azure IaaS and PaaS layers, developed by and belonging to FIXER Inc. "cloud.config for Financial Institutions" is the tentative name of the service used during development, and is subject to change at the time of release.

FIXER's and Microsoft Japan's Roles

FIXER will utilize the wealth of expertise it has cultivated over the years to oversee all system design, construction, maintenance, and operation tasks associated with this project. In addition to carrying out system development by using their proprietary, 24-hour, 365-day-a-year full managed service, the Azure-based cloud.config*2, FIXER will continue to provide maintenance and operations services after the migration.

Microsoft Japan will offer technological support regarding construction of Azure-based mission-critical systems, and at the same time will cooperate with FIXER to determine whether the bank's existing on-premises assets can be migrated to Azure. FIXER and Microsoft Japan will utilize their experience and expertise regarding the introduction of cloud computing at financial institutions to smoothly migrate the client's assets to the cloud. By 2020, they hope to have introduced this solution at ten banks, thus contributing to digital transformation by enabling the use of cloud computing at regional banks.

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