FIXER Inc. Enhances its Management System for Further Business Expansion

Apr 1, 2018

FIXER announces the establishment of Chairman of the Board and Vice President positions, as well as a business merger with Dragon Communication Design, Inc.

FIXER Inc. (HQ: Minato, Tokyo; President and CEO: Seiichi Matsuoka, hereinafter "the company"), in order to enhance its management system for further upcoming business expansion, welcomed copywriter Takashi Nakahata as chairman of the board and Ryuichiro Nakao, who formerly served as representative of Recruit Technologies and as the assistance director of Recruit Works Institute, as vice president and executive officer. The company has also announced a business merger with the advertising company Dragon Communication Design, Inc., for the purpose of strengthening their presence in the digital marketing field. Seiichi Matsumoto, who currently serves as representative of the company, will also serve as President and CEO of Dragon Communication Design, Inc. [Pictures] Chairman of the Board: Takashi Nakahata Vice President: Ryuichiro Nakao

Purpose of enhancing the company's management system

Enhancing our presence in the field of digitalization using technologies such as cloud computing and AI, in accordance with our business expansion

Since the company's establishment in 2009, it has continually expanded its business by providing services driven by leading-edge cloud technologies. The company has continually upheld its strong reputation in the market, and has been awarded honors such as the top award for Microsoft Country Partner of the Year, which was awarded by Microsoft Corporation (HQ: Washington State, USA; CEO: Satya Nadella) in July 2017. This February, which marks the beginning of the tenth year since the company's establishment, the company made a new start by moving their headquarters to Seavans S Tower, located in the Shibaura neighborhood of Tokyo's Minato Ward, to accommodate their expanding business and increasing number of employees. In order to achieve further business growth, the company is planning to make necessary enhancements to its management system. The company aims to make use of the world-class creativity of Nakahata, Nakao, and Dragon Communication Design, Inc. to strengthen its presence in the field of digital marketing that utilizes technology such as cloud services and AI, thereby providing optimal services to its customers and those of Dragon Communication Design, Inc.

Comment from FIXER's Chairman of the Board, Takashi NakahataDragon

Communication Design, Inc., which is known for its creation of TV commercials, has become a part of FIXER, and I have been appointed to the position of chairman of the board. Increased visibility, which facilitates the expression of intent, is becoming increasingly important in a variety of fields, whether we're talking about online marketing or about AI. I pledge to use my creativity and the years of experience I have cultivated in video creation to help the company provide more effective services.

Biography: Takashi Nakahata

Takashi Nakahata was born in Kyoto in 1947, and is known as a copywriter and creative director.He specializes in the planning and creation of advertisements, the development of marketing strategy, and the development of new products. Nakahata is the recipient of many Japanese and international awards, such as a Cannes International Advertising Award, a New York ADC Award in the international category, the Japan Advertising Yamana Award, the Mainichi Advertising Design Award, the Asahi Advertising Award, and ADC Award and a TCC award. He has written a great deal of copy that is instantly recognizable in Japan, for brands such as Toto Washlet, Sharp, and the Cosmo Energy Group. Nakahata has also written multiple books, including Kangaeru gijutsu hasso suru hoho (How to come up with techniques for thinking), Katsu kokoku no zenbu (All about winning advertisements), Katsu kopi no zenbu (All about winning copy), and Kono kotto ga anata desu (This antique is you). He is active in a variety of areas, also serving as a selector of poems for the series Nakahata-ryu banno senryu in the newspaper Mainichi Shimbun. He also serves as a professor at the Graduate School of Project Design, and as the chairman of the board of TCC.

Comment from FIXER's Vice President and Executive Officer, Ryuichiro Nakao

I met President Matsuoka last year, and was enamored with his vision of contributing to the world through cloud computing. Within only three weeks, I had decided to work for FIXER. By making use of the experience I cultivated over my 29 years with the Recruit Group, I hope to contribute to the creation of a company where IT personnel can freely demonstrate their abilities.

Biography: Ryuichiro Nakao Ryuichiro

Nakao was born in Osaka in 1964. He began his career at Recruit Co., Ltd. (currently Recruit Holdings Co., Ltd.), and then served as an executive officer at Recruit Sumai Company, Ltd., as President and CEO of Recruit Technologies Co., Ltd., and as the assistant director of the Recruit Works Institute. Nakao's major publications include Recruit-ryu shigoto ga dekiru hito no genrigensoku (Basic principles of people who can work in the Recruit style), Recruit ga oshieru eigyo-man shinkajyutsu (Evolutionary techniques for salespeople, as taught be Recruit), and Tenshoku dekiru eigyo-man ni wa riyu ga aru! (There is a reason some salespeople are able to change jobs!). Nakao has also contributed many articles on topics such as management and working styles to publications including Nikkei Style and Business Insider Japan.

Comment from Seiichi Matsuoka, President and CEO of FIXER and Dragon

Communication Design, Inc.:Together with our new chairman of the board, who is a grand master of communications, and our new vice president, who studies 21st century working styles as a scientific discipline, FIXER plans to devote itself to growing as a type of innovative cloud vendor that has never been seen before. I hope that all of you will continue to support FIXER in this growth. We also hope to take on the world of digital marketing, through the synergy of Dragon Communication Design's creativity and FIXER's cloud and AI technologies. By combining the strengths of both companies, we plan to continue to improve Japanese communication technology. I thank you all for your continued support in these efforts.

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