FIXER and Microsoft Japan Announce a Microsoft Azure Managed Service for Financial Institutions

Feb 28, 2018

In June, FIXER Inc. (HQ: Minato, Tokyo; President and CEO: Seiichi Matsuoka; hereinafter "FIXER"), in collaboration with Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd. (HQ: Minato, Tokyo; President and CEO: Takuya Hirano; hereinafter "Microsoft Japan") will release cloud.config*1 for Financial Institutions*2, which provides operations and maintenance for Microsoft Azure (hereinafter "Azure"), as well as a managed service that meets the operational requirements of financial institutions. The use of this service will allow financial institutions to reduce the burden and increase the cost-effectiveness of operations ranging from ownership and independent development of conventional IT resources to the use of cloud-based services and the operation and maintenance of applications. As a result, the speedy development of proprietary services of financial institutions will become possible, and resources can be focused on communication with customers.

Recently, the environment surrounding financial institutions has become harsher, as a result of a slump in the capital requirements of corporations, increased global competition, and long periods of negative interest rates. As a result, independent growth strategies and cost-saving measures have become indispensible. In the midst of these trends, service strategies that utilize high-level information and communication technology, of which cloud technology is representative, are expected to become even more necessary. This service ensures a high level of security and business continuity through 24-hour, 365-day system monitoring based on international guidelines such as the FISC security guidelines.

At the same time, it enables institutions to quickly develop and release services built on Azure. This managed service can be used whenever Azure is used as infrastructure, not only by financial institutions such as regional banks, but also by enterprises that deliver systems to financial institutions. A function that automatically proposes optimal plans on cloud.config, based on the customer's Azure usage, is also being developed, and is scheduled to be released next year.

FIXER is responsible for all system design, development, and operations related to this service, and Microsoft Japan is responsible for all technical instruction related to Azure and for customer sales support. FIXER and Microsoft Japan, through this service, endeavor to further strengthen the competitiveness and improve the productivity of their financial institution customers. *1 cloud.config is a Microsoft Azure IaaS/PaaS-layer fully-managed service developed and owned by FIXER Inc. *2 The name "cloud.config for Financial Institutions" is current as of the time of development, and is subject to change at the time of release.

■ Seiichi Matsuoka, President and CEO, FIXER Inc.

FIXER made the decision to develop this service based on a need to revitalize the domestic financial market in Japan through efforts to provide open innovation, in accordance with recent revisions to the Banking Act, via measures such as the use of APIs. These efforts are centered on secure, cloud-based operational technology made possible by cloud.config. FIXER also provides services to improve business operations, such as FAQ Bot, which utilizes AI and machine learning, and video conferencing services that link with voice-recognition technology on the cloud. Through these services, as well, we contribute to the transformation of financial institutions into service providers, and to the further improvement of productivity of the business operations of financial institutions.

Minami Takahashi, General Manager of the Partner Business Division and Executive Director, Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd.

Microsoft Japan welcomes the new service cloud.config for Financial Services, which is to be provided by FIXER via Microsoft Azure. For financial institutions to use cloud services, they require a system infrastructure that provides both the highest level of security in the world to protect their information from advanced cyberattacks, and the ability to ensure a high level of business continuity. Through the comprehensive managed service cloud.config, which meets security standards set forth by Japan, such as the Cloud Securty Gold Mark standards, and by many countries around the world, and which is the first such service in Japan to comply with the FISC security standards, we believe that Microsoft Azure will enable financial institutions to quickly implement independent services. Microsoft Japan plans to continue to collaborate with FIXER to support digital transformations that bring new value to our customers' businesses.

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FIXER Inc. provides cloud solutions, including the full managed service cloud.config, which consistently provides all aspects of a public cloud service, from introduction and design to 24-hour, 365-day operation, as well as monitoring and maintenance.

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・In 2017, at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Awards, FIXER was selected by Microsoft US from among 2,800 partners in 115 countries as Microsoft Country Partner of the Year.
・In 2015, FIXER was selected as one of only 26 certified partners from around the world to spearhead Microsoft US's partner program, the Cloud Solution Provider program. FIXER was the first certified company in Japan that provides services that support Azure.
・In 2014, at the Microsoft Japan Partner of the Year awards presented by Microsoft Japan, FIXER was awarded the highest honor in the Microsoft Azure Partner Awards, Cloud Service Vendor category.
・In 2013, at the Microsoft Japan Partner of the Year awards presented by Microsoft Japan, FIXER was awarded the highest honor in the Microsoft Azure Partner Awards, Cloud Service Vendor category.

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