FIXER's cloud technology adopted for the first Microsoft Azure-based internet cloud banking service at any regional bank in Japan

Jul 14, 2017

The full managed service cloud.config, provided by FIXER Inc (HQ: Minato, Tokyo; President and CEO: Seiichi Matsuoka) has been adopted as the platform for Hokkoku Cloud Banking, a new internet banking service to be provided by Hokkoku Bank (HQ: Kanazawa, Ishikawa; President and CEO: Tateki Ataka). FIXER, Hokkoku Bank, and Microsoft Japan have issued a joint press release to this effect.

Hokkoku Cloud Banking is the first case within Japan in which Microsoft Azure will be used to implement the migration of a regional bank's Internet banking service to the cloud. The introduction of this new cloud platform at Hokkoku Bank will of course result in dramatic reductions in infrastructure costs and in enhanced security, and will also aid the bank in their efforts to reform their system UI and UX, and to implement strategic marketing based on big data.

About the new Hokkoku Cloud Banking service

In the financial market, and particularly among regional banks, cloud-based internet banking is poised to become an indispensible service strategy, from the perspectives of securing competitive advantages and of resolving issues related to the high cost of maintaining system infrastructure. The new Hokkoku Cloud Banking service will allow the bank to keep future system maintenance costs at a reasonable level, address the security concerns that are the most pressing issue when selecting infrastructure, and to promptly introduce financial transaction systems that provide increased efficiency and expanded customer services. In this way, this new service marks the bank's first step towards its goal of becoming number one in the region.

Hokkoku Bank's Vice President and Executive Officer Shuji Tsuemura on the adoption of FIXER's cloud.config
I believe that this new service we have decided to introduce, Hokkoku Cloud Banking, will come to be a service indispensible for the further development of regional banks, thanks to it's full use of AI technology made possible only by Microsoft Azure. Our most important goals in introducing this system are the vast improvement of customer convenience and the resolution of concerns regarding security. In order to achieve these goals, we plan to utilize the support of cutting-edge global technology provided by FIXER Inc., a top Microsoft Azure vendor. We believe that regional banks have and will continue to have a duty to continuously generate new value for our customers.

Comment from FIXER's President and CEO Seiichi Matsuoka

We are immensely grateful to have our cloud.config service, which has been previously adopted by a variety of enterprises, used as part of Hokkoku Bank's revolutionary service, Hokkoku Cloud Banking. At the same time, in order to provide users of this service with the easiest to use and most secure Internet banking service yet seen at a regional bank, we plan to cooperate with Microsoft Japan and other partner companies to ensure the success of this project. Our mission at FIXER Inc. is to offer support for the future of Japanese corporations through revolutions in public cloud technology. We plan to devote our energy to this project as one important step in accelerating the introduction of FinTech in Japan.

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■ Awards

・Selected from among 2,800 entries from 115 countries throughout the world as Microsoft Country Partner of the Year at the 2017 Microsoft Worldwide Partner Awards.
・Selected as one of 26 companies from around the world to launch Microsoft's Cloud Solution Provider Program in 2015. Authorized as the first Japanese company to provide Azure-compatible services.
・Received the top prize in the Cloud Service Vendor category at Microsoft Japan's 2014 Microsoft Azure Partner Awards.
・Received the top prize in the Cloud Service Vendor category at Microsoft Japan's 2013 Microsoft Azure Partner Awards.

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