FIXER Inc. Certified by Microsoft's US Headquarters as the First Microsoft Azure Cloud Solution Provider in Japan

Jul 15, 2015

FIXER Inc. (HQ: Minato, Tokyo; President and CEO: Seiichi Matsuoka; hereinafter "FIXER") has been certified as a member of the Cloud Service Provider Program (hereinafter "CSP"), a partner program of Microsoft Corporation (located in the United States; CEO Satya Nadella). The expansion of the CSP was announced at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference 2015, which was held in Orlando from July 12 to 16, 2015, and Microsoft Azure became a target product of the CSP.

FIXER cooperated with with Microsoft as one of only a limited number of early expansion partners who attended the conference, and was certified as a member of the CSP. Currently, FIXER is the only company in Japan that provides, as a CSP company, services that support Microsoft Azure. Through its full managed service, cloud.config, FIXER provides the detailed operational know-how that is necessary for IT management, and supports the optimization and maximization of corporate cloud utilization. As a result of this certification, it is now possible for FIXER to consolidate the handling of detailed information about computing resources in Microsoft Azure, as well as Microsoft Azure license fees and management, to cloud.config.

This makes it possible for FIXER to provide an even more finely tuned cloud management service. By further expanding its one-stop service, which covers every aspect of Microsoft Azure from design and development to operations and invoicing, FIXER supports the further advancement of corporate cloud utilization.


cloud.config, which is provided by FIXER, is a full managed service that consistently provides all aspects of Microsoft Azure, from introduction to operation. It also provides Microsoft Azure sales, deployment and migration services, and 24-hour, 365-day operating services and support. It also supports monthly invoicing and department-specific fees. Since its creation, Microsoft Azure has been used by customers in a variety of industries and management situations as a service to optimize their cloud operations. cloud.config also provides industry-specific optimization services in areas such as IoT, video, and games. In addition, it also provides security services, making it an all-in-one service for the optimization of Microsoft Azure. FIXER has received the following endorsement for this announcement.

■ Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd., Kyohei Sato, Executive Officer and General Manager of the Partner Sales Strategy Division

Microsoft Japan welcomes FIXER wholeheartedly to the CSP. As the use of cloud services advances, the need for one-stop provision of a series of services, including application development, system integration, and operational support including license management, is on the rise. The combination of FIXER'S cloud.config and Microsoft Azure makes it officially possible to provide this kind of integrated service to meet these customers' needs. We can expect this service to further increase the convenience of cloud services. In the future, Microsoft Japan hopes to continue to collaborate with FIXER to contribute, though cloud services, to the expansion of our customers' business.

■ About Fixer Inc.

Company name: FIXER Inc.
Established: November 6, 2009
Representative: President and CEO Seiichi Matsuoka
Corporate website:
cloud.config website:

FIXER Inc. provides cloud solutions, such as the full managed Microsoft Azure service cloud.config. The company has a history of actual results when it comes to Microsoft Azure introduction, and its activities to popularize Microsoft Azure have been highly praised. In 2013 and 2014, FIXER was awarded the top prize in the Cloud Service Vendor category at Microsoft Japan's Microsoft Azure Partner Awards two years in a row. FIXER also serves as the representative director of the institute Azure Council Experts (, a consortium of Microsoft Azure partners, where it works to expand the popularity of Microsoft Azure, the training of engineers, and the sharing of know-how through coordinated collaboration. In this way FIXER leads the expansion of the Microsoft Azure market. cloud.config is a registered trademark of FIXER Inc. The other company, organization, product, and service names mentioned in this document are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies or organizations.

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