Seiichi Matsuoka

Representative Director & President

FIXER Inc. was established in November 2009 by Seiichi Matsuoka, who had previously accumulated experience in building systems for brokerage firms and in digital consulting for local governments. To serve our customers' needs for Microsoft Azure design and introduction, operations, and 24-hours a day, 365-day-a-year customer service, FIXER offers cloud.config, a fully managed monitoring and maintenance service. As a cloud service vendor, we put Microsoft Azure to use in a variety of businesses, try out new applications of Azure, and produce a service that is continually incorporating new technologies. Our goal is to make cloud services as secure and easy to use as water services in Japan. With this goal in mind, we continue to provide cloud solutions that make effective use of Microsoft Azure's flexible platform.

Major Publications
Standardized Web Production Complete Guide - From Planning to Design to System Construction: A Training Course to Create Professionals with a Full Understanding of Work Related to the Internet Practical Guide to Windows Azure Enterprise Cloud Computing (by the Azure Council Experts)

Koichi Nakao

Executive Officer

After joining an IT subsidiary of the leading domestic life insurance company in 2003, he was assigned to the Planning and Development Headquarters. There, he worked on project proposals for both account management and new solutions for foreign life insurance companies. In 2014, the public cloud was still in its early stages of adoption but he was already anticipating the serious demand that would arise in the coming years. It was at that time that he he came across FIXER, who was betting on the potential of cloud adoption from the beginning, and decided to join the company in March 2014. Since entering FIXER, he has been serving as the manager of the Sales Division for enterprises, and has established a division focused on globally expanding the full-managed service, cloud.config. His work has greatly contributed to accelerating business development within the company (In the last 4 years since he has joined FIXER, the business has quadrupled in size).