Quality and IT Service Management Policy

Quality and IT Service Management Policy

Technology to FIX your challenges.

The word "FIX," as used in our slogan, means facing the challenges presented by our customers, and increasing the value of our customers' business. In the same slogan, "your challenges" refers to the challenges faced by FIXER's customers, employees, and other stakeholders.

It is our pleasure, and our promise to all of our stakeholders, to FIX all of these challenges by using technology.

In order to put this slogan into actual practice, we have constructed an IT service management system that conforms to the applicable standards JIS Q 20000-1: 2012 and ISO/IEC20000-1: 2011). By sharing this system with our partners, we intend to gain the heartfelt trust of all people associated with FIXER, and to bring happiness to those people. This allows FIXER to continue to exist as a leading company in the cloud service vendor field and to fulfill a necessary role in an increasingly high-tech society.

1. Establish service management targets, and periodically review and revise these targets

We establish an IT service management plan and set targets to ensure that the IT services we provide contribute to the achievement of business goals, in accordance with the ever-changing needs of our customers.

Furthermore, we periodically review the achievement status of these targets and maintain a situation in which we are provided appropriate IT services to our customers.

2. Continuously improve the IT service management system and the effectiveness of IT services

We monitor and periodically audit the management system for IT services, in order to continuously improve their effectiveness.

If issues related to noncompliance or inconsistencies are identified as a result of these audits, quickly implement measures for improvement. In addition, we review the quality of IT services and the service management system, and continually implement improvements to IT service management as a whole.

3. Build an IT service management system that appropriately meets legal requirements and customer demands

This IT service management system has been constructed to comply with laws and regulations, and to appropriately meet the needs of all customers, FIXER employees, and other stakeholders related to the provision of IT services.

Established on October 1, 2018
Isao Kobayashi, Executive Officer