Aiming to be Japan's leading Cloud Service Vendor

When we were founded in 2009, cloud computing was not an option for corporate system infrastructure.

Seven years later, however, "cloud first" has become a concept that we take for granted. For the evolution of corporate activities and the future of people's livelihoods, it has become difficult to imagine a world without the cloud.

In the IT industry, where mistakes are not tolerated, we have taken up the challenge of harnessing new technologies.

This is not a simple matter, but we have been supported by our customers and partners, who have accompanied us on numerous challenges thus far, and we have grown to become Japan's number one enterprise for Microsoft Azure.

Many system integration companies continue to operate with a mindset of simply taking a client's instructions and forcibly cobbling together a system, or passing the creator's risks onto the client. However, those of us who had our doubts came together, and FIXER was born and continues to grow.

We will continue to evolve our core service, cloud.config, as well as return to society the services we create. This is our mission, which we call "cloud integration."

Looking skeptically at system integrators who waver at the intersection between stability and growth, we intend to further evolve cloud integration and to become Japan's leading cloud integrator in the 21st century.

Company Overview

Comapny Name



November 6, 2009


Tokyo Headquarter
Seavans South Building 24F, 1-2-3 Shibaura, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan 105-0023
Nagoya Office
Ark Shirakawa Park Building 6F, 2-2-23 Sakae, Naka-ku, Nagoya, Aichi, Japan 460-0008
FIXER Cloud Center
Anotsupia 2F, 4-6-1 Tsu, Anotsudai, Mie, Japan 514-0131
Kanazawa Office
ST Kanazawa Building 3F, 2-13-27 Hirooka, Kanazawa, Ishikawa, Japan 920-0031
FIXER Technologies, Inc.
717 Market St STE100, San Francisco CA 94103


Director - Hiroshi Itano

Adviser - Toshihide Atsumi

Auditor - Sosuke Nagoya

Number of Employees

120 (as of July 2018)


35,000,000 JPY

Affiliated Company


2018 Microsoft Japan Partner of the Year - Financial Service Award
2017 Microsoft Country Partner of the Year
2016 Two employees received the Microsoft MVP
2015 Microsoft First CSP - Qualified Vendor in Japan
2013 & 2014 Microsoft Partner of the Year