Ceo Message

If I had been born into a hunter-gatherer society, I believe that not only would I have won the title of Best Hunter in the Village, I would also have been the one to suggest to everyone that we move on to the next agricultural society.

I believe that while training harder than everyone else to hone my hunting skills for my hungry group, I would have been racking my brains for a way to keep everyone from going hungry.

I believe that one day, I would have suggested: "Let's plant some rich fields and some rice paddies here!

We'll grow rice and store it so that we don't go hungry even on the days that we can't catch any game!"

If I had been born into an agricultural society, I believe that not only would I have won the title of Best Rice Farmer in the Village, I would also have been the one to suggest to everyone that we move on to the next industrial society.

I believe that while growing rice, I would have studied science, and suggested: "Why don't we try to create a more orderly and peaceful neighborhood?"

Ultimately, I was born in an era that is referred to as an information society.

Born of parents whose only means of communication were telephones and faxes, I saw pagers, PHS, cell phones, and smartphones continuously displace each other in my youth.

I was supposed to have been born into a "real" society, governed by laws of physics which dictated that we pay money for tangible things, but it is now a given that we live in a "virtual" society, where the movement of information transcends time, distance, and even national borders.

So what should I suggest now, as a member of this advanced information society?

We are no longer hungry like the people in the hunter-gather societies, nor are we overworking our bodies like the people in the industrial societies, but for some reason, we still can't feel happy.

I believe that once our stomachs are full, and our bodies are comfortable, people want to satisfy their minds.

And although we want to satisfy our minds, the sheer amount of information has led to such a diversification of values that people now struggle to understand each other.


We are swept away by so much information that our minds cannot process it, and we end up with feelings of dissatisfaction.

I believe that this modern branch of unhappiness is caused by people's inability to understand the global economy's divergence from reality due to computerization and the vast amounts of problem-filled information flowing unchecked.

FIXER solves various problems in order to suggest new forms of happiness for people who live in this advanced information society. We FIX your problem.

We want to be a web consulting firm that consults for the web as the center of this advanced information society.

These were my beliefs when I decided that this would be my life's work.

I believe that so long as this resolve is shared with my colleagues at FIXER, and the people who associate with FIXER truly trust us and feel happy, FIXER will continue to exist as a company that is needed by the advanced information society.

In order for FIXER to remain this kind of company, we will continue to hone the knowledge and skills we need for web consulting and to make suggestions for happiness in the next stage of society.

We hope that you will continue to watch over our activities warmly.

Seiichi Matsuoka
Representative Director & President